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Emmy Nominations for Atlantic Media

Atlantic Media received an Emmy nomination in 2002 for editing for their documentary on the life of Edmund Tarbell produced for The Currier Museum of Art. “This nomination means so much to us since we were up against over 500 entries and it came down to just five!” said Nancy Beach, Producer of “Pursuing His Passion: Edmund C. Tarbell”. Brian Vawter was the editor on this project and feels a great sense of pride being nominated by his peers. Although Vawter did not win the Emmy he says,”I’ve participated in the judging process and know just how critical I was in giving scores that truly reflected the work, so just being nominated is a great honor to me!” In 2004, Atlantic Media was again nominated for an Emmy Award for overall production for nine television spots they produced for the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture. They were thrilled for the nomination even though they didn’t win. “Out of all the awards we’ve won, being nominated for an Emmy is still the most exciting.” said Beach who was the Producer of these nine spots. “Although, we also won a Telly Award for the production of this series and I must admit, it’s always a great feeling to be recognized for your work!”